Dear people,

I have been fed up from all of the shit that facebook had for a long time now that I rarely use the damn thing, the Philippine society is so fucking cancerous that it’s so fucking shameful to be a part of. I am far from being pure, but I am not one of these people, at least I am more open minded and open to new things. Here  are my 2 cents,

  • Whoever people choose to support in politics is their prerogative,  wishing them to get raped, get hit by a car or die in a fire, because they criticised him and his ways is disgusting and wrong. Use your democracy wisely, many people died for that.
  • A person’s personal life is none of your beeswax. If he or she has a “sugar daddy” or “sugar momma”, it doesnt concern you so why are you so intent in bashing them? it’s not your duty to expose them, or to condemn, dont get mad at them because they have something you dont have, it’s their moral not yours so shut up.
  • If a  celebrity chooses to get some work done (plastic surgery) anywhere in her body and face  is their business. It’s their money too, telling them it only made them look worst wont change anything, what’s done is done. There’s a reason behind everything, maybe they became more confident after they had it done….stop being an asshole.
  • Those who post about slimming pills, whitening products and stuff like that? It’s okay to see them. People are trying to earn a living, stop asking them to take it down and say that those  are ineffective anyway, dude to each their own.
  • Starbucks and other food pics are alright, it’s their money, they want to show off? so what? let them live.
  • Bashing trans people for being who they are is disgusting. Is it that hard to accept them? and if you dont have anything good to say dont say anything at all. Dont you have manners? Jake Zyrus is a person, not a fucking target. Cyberbullying him wont make him go back to  being a woman, damning him to hell wont either.
  • Living in with your partner is not taboo. We’re in the 21st century Philippines, come on. And most people on the comment section say shit like they’ve never done a single naughty thing in their life, y’all are  fucking each other behind your “families”  backs and you bash two consenting adults who pay their own rent, buy their own food and try to live in harmony together? stop this hypocrisy.
  • Posting about Jesus and  different images that promises salvation is alright. If they believe that it’s helping them get a spot in heaven then let them be. It’s their belief not yours, respect them.What’s not okay?  shoving your beliefs down the throats of people who chose  not to believe in your religion.
  • Not believing in God and anything holy is alright. As long as  you arent stepping on anyone, respect them, just respect everybody.
  • Rape culture, victim blaming is still prevalent in our society. Why is it so hard to understand consent? and that women dont owe you anything? we dont dress to impress you, whatever it is we choose to wear, be it a plunging neckline, booty shorts and backless tops, you dont have the right to harass us. Control yourself, stop your impulse to hump anything with exposed skin.
  • Having brown skin is alright, you’re Filipino. But having such skin doesnt give you the right to talk down to those who were born with a white complexion. Saying that they’re just beautiful because of their complexion is just mean it’s not like all of y’all are pretty. Be nice to each other.
  • People who post shit saying that they’re better than those girls who wear make up are just disgusting. Stop it, it’s their money, they have the skill, you’re jealous and maybe a little insecure.
  • It’s okay to be smart. Smart shaming people because they corrected you is messed up, why dont you just listen? you might learn a thing or two.

I can go on forever but as of now Im gritting my teeth, Im mad. Why cant people just be nice to each other? stop judging each other and start respecting each other instead. Im thinking of deactivating my facebook account but I dont purchase cellphone load anymore and I only rely on free data to communicate with most of my family and friends. But anyway that’s all for now, Im going to make another post in the future maybe, because there’s still more.


What exactly do you want?

  So earlier I was scrolling through my newsfeed on facebook, I stumbled upon a post where a girl complained about a guy who didnt let her seat on the cushioned part of the trike as they were both seated on the backside (trike is a public transportation vehicle here), and goes on and on about him not being a gentleman, and says further nasty things about him. I shook my head in disbelief, she’s about my age. And what annoyed me more are the commentators who agrees and takes her side, but what if the boy wasnt feeling well that day? Or that he had a bad back? Didnt that occur to you people? There are two sides to every story. The reason why this annoys me is that here in our country like in most, we fight for equal rights, the same girl who posted that is also the one who posts femminazi shits, see how ironic that is? Femminism is good alright, femminazi isnt. Bitching about a boy who wont give up a seat for you, not holding out a door for you, paying for your dinner, or carrying a box for you doesnt exactly help you in your fight to be treated equally as the male gender. Same goes to the women who, got hit because she hit the man first, yes I am blaming YOU, will I get a lot of shit because of saying this? Maybe I will but hear me out, I am not saying that hitting a woman is okay, it is not, in fact hitting other HUMAN BEINGS is not. He hit you back because he is defending himself because youre batshit crazy, hysterical and hitting him with a frenzy of catlike scratches and kicking and punching him, it is a natural human instinct to defend oneself in cases like that. So what are you bitching about? You brought that on yourself. Domestic abuse isnt just for women, it is for all, men get abused too for example Matthew Santoro a famous Youtuber, there was also a social experiment conducted where a man was treating a woman roughly in the streets and the people immediately stepped in and tried whooping the man’s ass, but when they reversed it, when it was the woman who was beating the man in public, people gathered, watched, jeered and took videos, what the fuck was that about? Regardless of gender we are human beings, we shouldnt hurt each other, we must respect each other so that we are able to live in harmony.                                                                                                                                                               I am a woman and I try to do these things by myself, it is fairly simple. I brought the bag so why shouldnt I carry it? I have money so why cant I pay for my meal? I have hands so why cant I open the doors for myself? Unless the man initiates on helping me. And they get surprised when I open the door for them, but they smile afterwards. I am a simple and logical human being, I tend to think of things the way they are stated or said. Dumb fucks here in the Philippines claim to know what that is, and are “fighting” to get it, yet they say and do things that doesnt justify that cause. Living in a country where the majority of the population are catholics, and having a very conservative culture produce closed minded and judgmental people, hypocrites and self righteous, not to mention arrogant, these traits come from the majority of the younger population, each thinks that they are better than the other sometimes I wished that I lived in a different country. Well I have said too much already, and I think this is enough for today.