This is it

I received a text message earlier which I dismissed reading because I thought it was another reminder from my mobile network of their promos, but when I read it, it was from an agency in Malate which I found on Jobstreet, and where I applied for a job. It said to report to their office on Monday August 7, for an interview. I felt excitement run through my body and I couldnt wait, it’s been awhile since I’ve sent that application and I started to put off the notion that they even got it.

I havent done walk in applications yet, although I have been planning to. Maybe it’s because of my introverted nature and my fear of rejection, which is quite silly if you think about it, because how else will I get a job? my Plan B is to ask my uncle for help, which he already is nagging me about, the only actual interview I went to was in the agency he worked for, and of course I passed the final interview and the exam, they actually asked me to go on Basic Training already, but I am still undecided until now. Maybe it’s my ego, but I want to land on a job because of my own skills, because I impressed the panel who interviewed me, and not because I am the favorite niece of the HR manager.

I started reading my old notes and diagnostic exam reviewers, I have looked up tips on how to pass the interview, dont get me wrong it’s not because I dont know what to do. I just want to know how to be better at it, I rearranged my resume, and I tried calming myself down, I hope to pass the interview in that company. I dont like being a freeloader anymore, I want to live on my own as well, I want to make money already to help with the household bills and to spoil myself without feeling guilty. I havent told anyone yet, even my daddy, who has been very supportive of whatever I do. I want to surprise them if ever I pass this one you know? I hope I do.

However, there’s still a possibility of me not getting this job though but I am trying to be positive. I have seen tweets from fellow fresh graduates of how upset and sad they are for not passing an interview. Well, I guess the only positive thing I can think of if ever I were in their position is that, at least I gained experience on how it goes and how to cope with rejection. But I refuse to show up on Monday empty handed, this is it go big or go home, I might appear “pabibo” but at least I’ll be able to keep my head up high after it if ever I fail, and say “I did my best”.

That’s it, I am hoping for the best wish me luck! ūüėÄ


2nd Day

Yesterday was the first day of school in our University , I felt ecstatic to be honest because I am going to see and hang out with my friends again, and also because of my allowance hahha ¬†now I am financially stable again HAHAHA. So yesterday our class was supposed to begin at 11 am but I woke up nauseaus and with a throbbing headache, yep migraine got the best of me again. But I chugged a big fat mug of strong black coffee, and¬†my headache still didnt go away, so I decided to lay down and just when I was turning from left and¬†right to feel comfortable, I felt heaps of saliva forming in my mouth and I knew that I was going to vomit everywhere so I ran downstairs to the bathroom and I did puke there. So yeah, it wasnt going well for me (maybe I should point out that we went¬†to Padis Point in Manila, watched a local band perform and ¬†ordered a tower of beer Jesus, I did drink a lot too hahaha it wasnt a simple headache it was a hangover – dont blame me, we’re only young once HAHA). It was Monday and I forced myself to go to school, so that 11 am class became a 2 pm class and what did I do? I asked my friend Mira to accompany me to the mall because I wasnt feeling well, and I needed a cool place which can lessen the throbbing sensation on¬†my right temple. We still had a 5:30 – 6:30 pm class ¬†but since I wasnt feeling up to¬†it (o hala Supiya sige inom pa HAHAHA) I asked Mira to ditch class with me and for us to go home instead, and that we did. Which was a big mistake! Professor was so frickin furious because only 7 pupils attended her class hahaha what the fuck did you expect on the first day of class? a perfect attendance? silly goose. So she gave us a shit ton of paperworks to do, and she also demanded that we get admission slips from the OSA because if we didnt she wont accept us in her class Jfc what a you know what right?

Earlier I went to school at 8 am because I thought I was being a punctual student but it was an epic failure because as soon as I got there my friend messaged me and said that we didnt have class, luckily Mira was on her way to school already and being the kind friend that I am ¬†I told her to hurry instead to go back to Tayabas because we didnt have class HAHAHAHA. We made our assignments from hell and we went to OSA to get our admission slips and I got so frickin tired from going back and forth from the Office to the xerox copier, I even made a¬†self made¬†excuse letter for myself (I wrote as my grandmother lol) ¬†which I havent done since high school, I was actually pleased because I can still forge my grand mother’s signature HAHAHAHA. And¬†since when did it became so fucking complicated to miss a day of class? worst – FIRST DAY OF CLASS – which is usually still irregular, even some of our rooms for a number of our subjects arent announced yet, see why I am having beef with you professor? but I got my admission slip and my attendance in tomorrow’s class is secured. I just finished my paperworks but I aint that pissed at it because I missed making these and it beats laying around and not doing anything like what I’ve been doing 4 months ago.

This is my last academic year and I am ready to give it my best, I may not graduate with a Latin honor because of that dreaded Logic subject but I am certain that I will get impressive grades. I stand by that, I know my priorities now I will not let my bad habits, like my procrastination, ruin my ¬†studies no fuck you self, we need to stop taking things lightly, we need to always aim for the prize, we shouldnt settle for less, because we can do much more better than that. I swear I will get grades ¬†higher than Whiz Khalifa this semester HAHAHAHA. We can fucking do this…again ūüėČ