Sorry mom

My mother gave me money, she told me to buy new clothes because  she said the shirts  or clothes that I own are like those  of a 14 year old boy, which wasnt entirely true because I have like 3 dresses, and a shit load of shorts. But anyway, I still accepted it despite being offended and I thought  maybe she’s right, I will be working soon and I  dont think  graphic marvel t-shirts and black skinny jeans will do. So I  went to the mall and went straight to the department store, and I didnt like any of the shirts there. I  found myself wanting to buy an olive green TMNT shirt but I fought the urge and didnt. I went to other  stores like oxygen, where I bought one shirt and pants, and then to Penshoppe where I didnt buy anything, and then to Tribal, to be honest I find their shirts cheesy with their  try hard font, and I find their lack of male employees disappointing, come on if you’re gonna have  female employees with nearly exposed  breasts and butts, might as well have good looking hunky men too.

I went to at least 3 more stores and I got exhausted, so I went to Jollibee for a snack of  burger and fries. I didnt wanna go clothes shopping anymore so I decided to go to National Bookstore to check some books out. And when I got there it was as if I was  in a safe haven! I am not even exaggerating, after 2 hours of rummaging through clothes I was basking in the comfort of books. I  already have two shelves full of them, and my mom always tell me “YOU ALREADY HAVE TOO MANY BOOKS! ENOUGH ALREADY!” but I dont think I do. I have read all of them, some I re-read  thrice like Harper Lee’s To kill a mocking bird, Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, Neil Gaiman’s Coraline and Graveyard Book, and JD Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. You can never have too many books, I’ve always felt at home whenever I have a book with me. Being  introverted I spent my childhood reading Roald Dahl and Dr. Seuss, then moved on to Lemony Snicket to Leonard Tolstoy. I love the smell of its pages and the texture, especially while drinking a hot beverage or eating a bar of chocolate.

I  am not being a special snowflake here but, I guess you can say that I  am among those girls who will choose buying books over  clothes and make up.  I guess it’s because unlike make up and clothes, I know more about them and I am familiar with them.  I dont like change and I go by routine you know?  Yesterday, I bought Lord of the flies by William Golding, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett and 2 books by one of my favorite Filipino author Ms. Jessica Zafra:  Twisted  8 1/2,  The Stories so far.  There were so many  books  that I  wanted to buy still, like Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Anne Rice’s Prince Lestat, but I  didnt have enough money left,  so I  promised myself I’ll find a job  this august so  that I can buy  these.

I  still have so many classic novels  that I  want to  read, yet they’re either hard to find or  they’re too much for my budget. But anyway, I got home and my grandma  scolded  me telling me that my mother  will  get mad once she finds out I bought books instead  of clothes again. I acted  as if I  was guilty but I couldnt wait to go upstairs lock myself in my room and start  reading my new books!  I feel bad for them though because there isnt space for them on my second bookshelf anymore, and I keep my poor books on a shoebox beside my bed, and they’re getting too dusty and I cant just clean them in a jiffy because I have asthma and inhaling dust will stir a reaction.

I need a boyfriend who will make bookshelves for me….well assemble assuming that we get it from IKEA hahaha.