Dear self : It’s okay

I know that everything is confusing right now, that you feel lost and bewildered. I want you to know that it’s okay, you dont have to be perfect and live your dream life right away, it’s okay to feel a little bit discouraged because not everything is turning out the way you thought it to be in college. In every success there is a sob story, you have to work hard to achieve the things you want in life.

However cliche this may sound I think you still need to hear it “there’s no shortcut to success”, just keep your head up and keep your dream alive kid. Dont give up and never lose hope, you know what you want just keep that fire burning! you might have encountered a set back but that’s okay, find a way around it, you always do. It’s okay to feel lost because without it, you’ll never find your way back, you get what I mean? because by being lost, you’ll do everything¬† just to get to where you’re supposed to be, sure you might encounter a detour but in the end you’ll still be there.

It’s okay to feel bewildered, because if everything turned out the way you thought it will, then your life wouldve been boring, you wont gain strength and will power, you wouldnt learn how to be tough. Stop overthinking, you’re giving yourself anxiety. Stop isolating yourself, go out with your friends, stop messing with your phone, you’re not a burden they can help you, having an existential crisis is okay from time to time, but enough of that already darling…….you know what you want now, you might not be able to achieve it right away but you have a plan right? carry on with that, it doesnt matter how long it takes, the important thing is not giving up. It’s okay to feel that the world isnt fair despite you being a nice person and being a straight A student, it’s okay like I said earlier, these are just set backs designed to make you stronger.

Dont let your dream just be a dream, work hard for it to become a reality. Get your planner and make a new plan, prove to everyone that you’re not gonna be stumped, prove that you’re not one to mess with. Enough with the moping! It wont do you good, stop making excuses! stop procrastinating make every day count. You are the gate keeper of your own destiny, dont cave in.

Find a way, you always do.


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