Update on my job application:

I was at Manila earlier, Malate to be exact because yesterday the maritime agency I applied for as Casino Dealer messaged me to report for examination and later on if I passed, final interview. So I left our province at 3 am and got there at about 6 am, the journey was surprisingly fast, I didnt even sleep but I wasnt tired when I got to the agency. I couldnt sleep because I was nervous, I didnt really review for the exam because I didnt know what to revise! my mother told me to be calm and focus and up until the actual examination, I wasnt hahaha. I wore the traditional business attire which was pencil cut skirt, plain blouse and an overcoat. I had make up on too, I spent an hour at Jollibee because I was too early! but it’s better early than late. I spent my time thinking about what to answer to the interviewer’s questions and I thought that was a wise thing to do, but it wasnt….it made me more nervous to the point where I am on the verge of throwing up! thankfully, I didnt.

I went to the agency at about 8:20 am where I was greeted by the guard, he was nice and he said that the interviewer might be a little late because it was a Saturday and I nodded and smiled. I fixed my hair and make-up instead (at this point I was sweating like a pig because of the coat and I cant take it off because I didnt shave my pits), and one by one mean started to appear and I chatted with this one guy wearing a polo shirt and huge bagpack and he said he’s there to renew his contract, he’s a seaman. At 9:30 am I was asked to go to the second floor, where I was introduced to a nice gentleman who later handled the examination and checked it. He was also from Quezon Province I learned, and he said that I passed the examination and I leaped in joy! I was instructed to wait for what felt like 30 mins and then I was asked to come in the Madame HR’s (that’s what we’ll call her) office, and then she eyeballed me from head to toe, she emphasised on how younger I look than what I claim to be which she said isnt necessarily a good thing, she asked me dozens of questions that I struggled to respond to and I felt at times that she really hated me. She said that I didnt belong there, I belong on an airplane and other discouraging stuff like that, but I fought hard and gave her a great argument on how Tourism Management’s career path isnt just in the airline.

I felt exhausted after that, and I sweated profusely! I dont know how that happened too because her AC was on. She also scolded me for wearing flat shoes, she said I must look the part to get the part! then she brought up the fact that I didnt have a seaman’s book yet, which is a big requirement. After justifying my plight she said:

“You passed the written examination and interview, however you have to get your seaman’s book, SDSD, PSCRD (and other requirements I forgot sorry) to get onboard. After completing your requirements please report here immediately.” 

I WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY BECAUSE IT MEANT THAT I GOT THE JOB, I HAD A LITTLE SET BACK BUT AFTER I OBTAIN THAT I’LL BECOME A CASINO DEALER ON A CRUISE SHIP! Since I didnt know where to get these documents, I had to ask my ex-boyfriend’s friend and he was very approachable and nice about it. I almost messaged my ex for help but I figured he wont answer me and maybe he’s too busy and couldnt be bothered with my own shit. So I asked his friend instead, he immediately responded to my message and he even welcomed me into the Maritime industry, I always thought that he was nice but I didnt know that he was this nice. He even asked me if I knew how to go to those agencies, and he even apologized for not being here because he said if he were, then he wouldve accompanied me which was the nicest thing ever!

Anyway, basic training here I come! I’ll be going to Marina on Monday to ask about it. To know about the fees and such, where to get the other stuff too. I hope everything goes well, wish me luck still 🙂


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