What’s up?

It’s been a while since I have written something here. I got caught up in paper works so my apologies, my reading was also stalled because as much as I love it, I still have to prioritize my acads, but hey midterms just ended and I feel fantastic. Well not so much because I had severe migraine for almost a week! I dont know what I did to make it worst I mean I took medicine for the first two days but on the third day I didnt because I dont want to get dependent on medicine to make me feel better, because I think that’s just wrong. But I am feeling better now, I mean I just finished writing captions for the photos of our documentation and I also finished a five page long narrative report about it. Our event was successful as well, our professor seemed very pleased with what we did. And to be honest I was also impressed with how our event turned out to be, because I didnt expect it to be that well executed. We were also very calm during the whole ordeal, the children were surprisingly cooperative with us, and even the weather was also great. There were minimal to none mistakes as well, I was a little anxious the night before that though because of how the first event turned out but I was so silly because none happened to us that day, all went on smoothly. The only stressful thing that I have been experiencing lately is the financial contributions that our college keep on requiring us to pay. These are hefty sums by the way, from printing documents to buying materials for our events, to organization shirts and for supporting other events by our blockmates which cost 200 bucks! which isnt cheap for me okay? but I keep myself calm by thinking that this will soon be over, all of this and it will be my graduation and my daddy will be here and I will be able to relax because there will be no more due dates of paperworks and seminars to attend to anymore.

On Friday we will be going to SM Aura to attend a seminar at The Vikings, and I look forward to it because it is a buffet! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? IT MEANS UNLIMITED FOOD AND THAT IS THE BEST UNLIMITED ANYTHING IN MY BOOK! I dont know what topic will be discussed though, I sure hope that the host wont be boring because then I will just end up disappointed. Daddy gave me an allowance even though I didnt ask him to because I thought that I wont be needing it hahaha but since he insisted I obliged. That’s why I love him so much you know? he gives me things that I dont even ask him for, and if that’s not love then I dont know what is.

I might not post here that much because I decided to write on my journal again and keep things traditional you know? because there are somethings that I need to keep to myself only. There are my own private thoughts and crazy ideas and opinions and shit like that haha but I wont abandon this blog entirely I will still post here from time to time 🙂

Goodbye for now.

(on the featured image: what the main stage of the event that we handled looked like, Precious Moments was the theme of the party) 


World mental health day

It’s been awhile since I have made a blog post, and it’s because I didnt want to write about non sensical stuff but earlier I was scrolling through my facebook feed and I saw a post saying “Happy world mental health day” and I read the comments, many people shared their story with mental illness and I felt happy because of their bravery and willingness to share their story. So now, it’s my turn to share my tale I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was nine years old but my parents didnt buy the pills that my doctor prescribed to me because they were too expensive and they were shocked with the dosage that I had to take, my dad said that it isnt for a child my age and Thinking about it now, although I am grateful because many people said that adderall and ritalin have serious side effcts and made them feel like a zombie, what did you know dad? Do you think you know better than the doc? Hahahaha well I guess he had a “Father’s instinct”, so anyway I had trouble coping with it like any kid with ADHD especially because I wasnt under medication my parents believed that I will outgrow it but by the time I was 12 or 13 I still have it, I still have this huge amount of energy that I dunno where to use, this inability to focus and finish one task, and being so distracted all the time that I forget where I put my stuff. As I grew older I also developed anxiety disorder, I get frequent panick attacks because I overthink all the time that I get so worked up and I just explode, literally by means of throwing up. There was a time when I cursed myself for being different, I tried to be a normal child, But I just couldnt sit still, I couldnt listen to my teacher for a straight hour without doing something else instead, I have an attention span of a five year old, and I become a mess whenthings arent going the way I want it. But I can multitask (that is if I dont forget that I was doing half of it), I have way too much energy, and I talk a lot, like I can literally talk all day long without stopping, I get hyper too even until now. But this is what makes me who I am and I am now coping with it better than when I was younger, I found an outlet in playing musical intruments and performing in theatrical plays, and like most of those diagnosed with ADHD I am good at it, and I am graduating this June too, getting my degree in Tourism Management. See? The kid who everyone said to not go a long way because she talked and misbehaved a lot (they thought I was just making it up whenever I tell them I have ADHD) is now getting a college degree, how about that? Hahaha. Anyway, for anyone who suffers with ADHD or ADD hang in there it does get better, oh and Happy mental health day 😘